DCNR funding

In 1972 the budget for the Pa Bureau of Forestry was financed fully from the Pennsylvania General Fund. The idea was that management of a publicly owned natural resource would be less likely to receive favored management while neglecting management for the other resources.

For example: Management for gas and minerals at the expense of management for recreation or water. Or: Emphasis on timber management at the expense of wildlife and recreation management. Then: It was decided to augment the Bureau’s budget with timber sale receipts and moneys from gas and mineral receipts. Management then emphasized timber management at the expense of recreation which result is the deliberate reduction of the Commonwealth’s deer herd on public land. Oil and gas monies now pay into DCNR’s budget more than is allotted out of the General Fund.

Is it a wonder that the Bureau of Forestry seems to manage “our” land in an aloof manner that favors the interests of the people that buy it? Is it a wonder the Williamsport office is now a Taj Mahal outside of Waterville isolated from the public it is supposed to serve? Is it a wonder that we feel that Rock Run is threatened? Driving and sightseeing is the main recreation on State Forest land. How do all those gates and fences grab you?

Jude Richardson

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom