I find it hard to believe that with the state that this country is in that any store chain in their right mind would open up on Thanksgiving. I can remember when I was a kid Thanksgiving used to be a time for families to get together, now it is just another ploy for some millionaire to make a few more dollars. I think it is disgusting that anyone would force someone to work such a holiday because as I said before it is supposed to be a time for family.

This country has gotten so far away from its roots I don’t know if it will ever get straightened out. What’s next, having someone working in the return department on Christmas Day so people can exchange their gifts and buy something else.

This should be a wake up call to everyone. Since when is the dollar more important than family? That seems to be what the department stores are saying. This is one person that refuses to stoop to that level; my family comes first.

Ed McGhee


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom