In response to the Sun-Gazette published Associated Press article on New York State’s tax on internet transactions, I find it disheartening if not disgusting that the article included “states hungry for billions of dollars in extra tax revenues”, among those hoping to either benefit or feel vindicated by a state tax on internet purchases.

No doubt if our own state decides to follow New York in establishing a tax on website purchases, it will more than likely result in the establishment of an agency or commission to track, collect, and control the tax revenue derived. No doubt that entity will end up with a bloated staff consisting of a six-figure, politically- appointed head, five-figure politically chosen underlings, and a bloated staff of additional employees. It will then take several years for any money to actually be put to any good use for the citizens of our state, and more than likely the bulk of the collected revenue will end up funding pet projects of General Assembly members, or going to build more ice rinks and sports complexes.quite naturally in close proximity to either Pittsburgh or Philadelphia.

Wes Waldron

Trout Run