Eliminating bad habits

The flat earth environmentalists are gleeful and happy to ignore science while they fail to appreciate the blessings of America.

At year’s end, new regulations imposed by the EPA will close the last major lead smelting plant in the U.S., the Doe Run Plant in Missouri. Supposedly, the federal government wants to make us safer and protect us from bad air. The Doe Run Plant is also the only primary lead processor able to produce lead bullion from raw lead in the U.S. This lead is sold to suppliers for producing ammunition, projectiles, car batteries, etc.

The gun and gasoline engine haters can be pleased. Meanwhile, for many months stockpiling by Homeland Security and other agencies has driven ammunition prices sky high, making it impossible to buy ammo for most calibers. Another end-run around by Congress on gun owners?

But don’t worry about the government, they’ll take care of us. After December we could go to the largest primary lead producer in the world to get our lead, our friends, China. That won’t work, either; the UN Arms Trade Treaty is set to ban the importation of ammunition. Stop complaining, there’s nothing wrong with one-party rule, legislation by bureaucrats, or executive orders.

William L. Harris


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom