Get it together

I am writing in regards to the Independent Football League. As a former resident of Williamsport, I still consider it my home and try to keep up with what is happening in Williamsport.

When I heard that Williamsport was voted out of the league during a “secret” meeting, I could not believe it. I thought things had changed a little, but I was wrong. The only thing that has changed since I lived there is more killings and drugs.

This league was started to give the young kids something to do and to keep them off the streets. I know the kids really enjoy this and it gives them something to do and something to look forward to. The coaches not only spend their time with the kids, but the kids love the coaches.

Some of the team members have had to ignore racial slurs, etc., but keep on playing because they enjoy it and the feeling of being part of something. So why do they want to take it away?

Give them a chance and no more “secret” meetings, where every one that has a right to vote are not informed till after the meeting. Let’s get it together and make Williamsport the way it was years ago!

Rena McDonald

Beacon, N.Y.