Government addiction

Alexis de Tocqueville warned, “The Republic will endure until Politicians learn that people can be bribed with their own money.”

The U.S. national debt clock illustrates how the President and Congress are propelling the country and citizens into bankruptcy with a national debt of $17.1 trillion, against a Gross Domestic Product of only $15.9 trillion, $5.6 trillion of foreign debt, and $600 billion annual deficit after government spent $3.4 trillion but received only $2.8 trillion in revenues.

Government addiction has encumbered America’s 317 million men, women and children with $54,000, and 114.7 million taxpayers with a $149,600 debt. Our nations “unfunded liabilities” total $126.6 trillion; Social Security $16.7 trillion, prescription drugs $22.1 trillion, and Medicare $87.8 trillion, leaving taxpayers with an additional 1.1 million liability.

Government supremacy requires money. Who provides that income and has the power to rein in Government’s unrestrained dominance? Tax Payer exercising non-compliance!

Treasury Secretary Morgenthau faced this dilemma after Pearl Harbor was attacked in December, 1941, and 34 million citizens who never paid income taxes were required to participate in 1942. With approximately 5 million citizens neglecting to save up enough money for their taxes due in 1943, he questioned how Government could arrest millions of tax evaders. To settle this peacefully Government forgave most of the citizens 1942 taxes, enacted the Tax Payment Act of 1943, requiring employers to withhold 20% from employees paychecks and submit their payments quarterly to the Treasury Department.

America needs leaders like Patriot Samuel Adams and taxpayers uniting for limited Government to counter America’s excessive taxes and regulations. Taxpayers could honor their 2013 tax obligations but refuse to pay their 2014 taxes unless Congress; repeals Obama Care, reduces federal regulations and deficits, balances the budget, replaces IRS with a consumption tax, revamps entitlement programs, and approves 12 year term limits.

William L. Emick


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom