In jeopardy

Many people enjoy living in a small town in this area. One of the things people appreciate most is the feeling of home when you see all the wonderful places to visit. However, many of these small businesses are in some trouble. We are in jeopardy of losing these small industries, and along with that, our joyful small town feeling. With the loss of these businesses many will lose jobs, and the economy of our beautiful town will suffer tremendously. Establishments are struggling financially to stay open, and the owners are fighting to keep their hard work from crumbling to the ground.

There is a way we can all help. You can go out and support your local small businesses. Shop, visit, and eat at all these wonderful places that are unique to our area. In doing this you will give these wonderful places the business they are lacking to keep them going.

Just a few extra people supporting them may give them the push they need to keep going for a while and get back on their own feet. An increase in customers is an increase in money. More customers have always been, and always will be a positive thing for businesses.

In the past you may not have shopped or eaten at these establishments, because you feel they are more expensive that the chain stores in the area. In reality you pay a little more for a lot more quality. Why buy something that will break from a big chain store when you can spend a few more dollars and get something much more durable at a local store?

Why get frozen prepackaged food from a fast food restaurant when you can get freshly prepared meals for a little extra money? Often the extra quality is worth the investment. By investing in these small businesses you will be investing in our community.

Imagine in the future the small business owners opening many more small shops and restaurants for our beautiful town. If these businesses are not supported picture our small town taken over by big chain businesses, causing us to lose that small town feeling we adore. So make sure you go out and support our community so that does not happen.

Go out and do your part for our community and its future.

Chyenne Bostwick

Mansfield University Student

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom