I find it interesting that a small group of parents feel that just because their children are being sent to a school only seven miles away, the taxpayers of the school district should spend a lot more money on them. I have not heard an argument that the Jersey Shore elementary school is a bad place to learn or that the curriculum is wrong in some way.

No, what we hear is they want 15 students per classroom instead of the 22 district average and for this they want the school district to spend an additional 8,000 per student. When I went to school, it wasn’t uncommon for there to be 25 or 30 students in a classroom and we learned just fine. Then again we were taught to listen to the teacher and not disrupt class and our parents took an active role in our education.

If the parents of these children are really that concerned about Jersey Shore Elementary school, they should work to make it better by volunteering in the classrooms as aides. If it is the bus ride you don’t like, car pool. It is less than a 15 minute drive.

There are things that you can do that are not going to cost the hard working taxpayers and senior citizens of the district a lot of money that could go for other things. If you are bent on this petty “you closed our elementary school so now I am mad thing” or you truly believe it is for the betterment of your children, start a private school and fund it yourselves.

You can have teacher student ratios of 1-10 or lower if you want. You do realize you can’t get a 1-15 ratio with 6 teachers and 100 students.

I ask the school board to turn down this request and at least have the public hearings at different times during the day so those that work in the evening and night shifts can attend. Look at another charter school that was started not too far from here, because the parents did not want the students moved to another school. That school has a reputation for low academic standards. Is that what we want?

Earl L Breon

Jersey Shore