Liberal spin examined

A local writer to the Sun-Gazette wrote ” we elected George Bush II, with a similar lack of experience prior to President Obama, and he gave us an inadequate response to the warnings ahead of 9/11 and gave us two long wars that were fought inconclusively at best.”

What exactly prepares one to occupy the oval office is open to opinion, but GWB has an undergraduate degree from Yale, an MBA from Harvard, has owned a multi-million dollar business (Texas Rangers), and had served as governor of our second most populous state.

If this is not a good resume, what is? President Obama has a good education, but his lack of experience in the private sector is evident, as is his lack of governing anything.

Did GWB give an inadequate response to the warnings of 9/11? What warnings are we talking about anyway? The first attempt to bring down the World Trade Center occurred in 1993.

Are we to assume these warnings didn’t become manifest until a few months after Bill Clinton pardoned Mark Rich? A good question for our pals on the left might be how personally engaged with national security was Clinton after 1993, or after the Oklahoma City bombing, or was he more interested in Monica?

What will be the ultimate outcome in Iraq and Afghanistan is still up in the air, but let’s not forget that John Kerry and Hillary were supportive of both wars.

Only later did they cowardly, and with political motive claim that GWB lied about WMD’s in Iraq.

One of these gasbags has to come clean on Ben Ghazi while the other is brokering a “get out of jail” policy with Iran.

George B. Gross Jr.

Old Lycoming Twp.

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom