Lycoming buddies

On Nov.17th., a very special group of young people called “Lycoming Buddies” hosted a Thanksgiving/Christmas Dinner and Gift Exchange for individuals with mental and physical needs. The program pairs students with an individual with special needs, sharing the same interests & likes, much like the Big Brothers/ Big Sister program.

This was their first time hosting such an event and they did a great job! The food was prepared and served by the students. A successful dinner is when your guests want “seconds”. Various kinds of Christmas music playing in the background added the perfect touch to start the holiday season.

Our friend Matt G. played Santa and passed out candy canes & gifts along with his trusty friend & helper Shasta the “rein-dog” rounded it all out. Mere words cannot express the gratitude we feel about what you guys have done.

The rapport the students is genuine, their smiles are from within, it was a sight to see. These young people take the time to befriend our children on their own time! In a time where you hear such negative things about young people, it’s good to know that not all lean to the wayside.

Marion Leah Lehman

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom