Making more sense

In a recent conversation with a local mail carrier about the disappointing failure of the drug war, he stated that the solution to the problems with the use of illegal street drugs is to take the profit out of them.

Unfortunately illegal drug use has resulted in street crime, including drive-by shootings, home invasions, robberies of convenience stores, unnecessary deaths caused by overdoses and bad drugs, additional law enforcement with racial profiling, overpopulated prisons and crowded court dockets that cost all of us way too much money.

So how does society take the profit out of illegal street drugs? The answer is to make them available free of charge to those who have a need to get high in order to escape reality and the responsibility of everyday life.

One advantage to this alternative is that the quality of these drugs can be controlled and not be laced with dangerous substances by drug dealers. Providing these drugs ‘free’ would cost less in the long run than the cost is additional law enforcement officers and extra, overcrowded prisons that label users as felons for life.

The state’s liquor stores could be used to dispense these recreational drugs, and this makes more sense than an expensive, failed drug war on coke, crack, horse, meth and pot.

David L. Faust