New beginning needed

The uniqueness of our American experience was not an accident to our Founders. Years of dealing with an intrusive and heavy handed government meant lengthy deliberations were needed to develop a framework and just the right words for our Constitution. Liberty was paramount.

Those attending the Constitutional Convention remained quite fearful leaders of a newly formed government would soon forget the will of the people and fall back into old ways. To prevent such a thing from happening they set out to provide a system of checks and balances to inherently abusive power of government. Hence our system of three branches of government was established, with each branch given a specific purpose and granted checks and balances to power of the other branches.

Of the three branches, a Congress was established to propose laws for our new country. It was decided each state should be represented by two leaders or senators. But, because senators like the president would likely come from landed gentry, laws could quickly become taxing and abusive. Rather than create an unchecked class of privileged rulers or new tyrants, it was decided two Houses of Congress would be needed, a Senate to provide equal representation to each state and a House of Representatives to give democratic voice to the people.

With the creation of a House of Representatives, the people now owned half of the Legislative Branch. But even then, it seemed quite likely to the framers our new government would become abusive to common man. So, it was further established all tax/revenue bills must originate in the House and not the Senate. Representatives were given the power of the purse; however, to keep them straight, this position was given a short two-year term in office. Yes, the Senators were given an ability to propose amendments to a tax bill (e.g. ACA), provided such amendments then be returned to the House for approval before being sent to the president consideration.

William L. Harris


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom