New rule troublesome

A lot of people were excited this year to have a pair of bald eagles nesting within Williamsport city limits, and most people know bald eagles have been nesting successfully in several parts of the county for many years. It’s always exciting to observe one of these magnificent creatures fly overhead or perch in a tree. I support strong federal protection for the Bald Eagle, America’s national symbol, as well as the majestic Golden Eagle under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

However, a new rule by the U.S. Department of the Interior would weaken protections for eagles by making it possible for wind energy companies to acquire 30-year permits to kill and injure eagles. Wind energy companies diligently prevent any organized effort to monitor the killing of birds and bats at wind turbine installations, and are under no obligation to do comprehensive monitoring by any permitting agencies. They lobbied hard to obtain this federal rule over objections of concerned persons and organizations. While I support alternative energy generation, I do not support development of wind energy without strong protections for animals, scenic vistas or historic places.

I have written the Secretary of the Department of the Interior asking for stronger protection for eagles. I urge anyone interested in protecting eagles to do a web search on “eagles wind and killing”, read about the issue, and then send an email or letter demanding stronger protections for our national symbol.

Daniel Alters


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom