Not all renters are criminals

I am writing in response to Gretchen Kennedy’s letter regarding crime and renters. Contrary to her belief, not all renters, myself included, are criminals.

I am new to Williamsport and am lucky that I have a nice apartment to rent. I am single and have relocated for my job many times in my career and for me, renting makes sense.

Also, compared to other cities that I have lived in, Williamsport’s housing and rental choices are limited in terms of selection and quality.

At first glance Williamsport is not very welcoming to new arrivals with this constant barrage of negative letters regarding renters. We are not criminals, junkies or dealers. We are good, hard working, tax paying people who are looking for a nice place to live. Are there bad renters? Of course there are, just as there are bad homeowners.

If a law were passed where I had to register with the city, I would obey the law and do the right thing. But to be naive enough to think that the criminals and drug dealers are going to march down to city hall and register is laughable.

Michael MacKenzie


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom