I am getting tired, really tired. Our Constitution is no longer respected, our laws are being ignored, and what can the populace do? If you speak out the IRS pays a visit with an audit. If you do honor the Constitution and the laws you are now a terrorist; especially if you are a vet.

Our phones are tapped, our electronic communications are intercepted and stored openly in locations around the country, and there are constant attacks on our First and Second Amendment Rights.

So what are the Citizens and Patriots choices to reaffirm the Founding Fathers plan for America? Well, just like Senator Casey, you keep your mouth shut and follow orders; no speaking out against any of the Presidents’ policies and do what you are told.

Seen him have a town hall meeting lately? So, we can “vote the bums out!” and when will that happen?

We can wait until 2016 and offer up another McCain, Romney, Ryan, or another Progressive waiting in the wings.

We are left with two choices: write our Congressman, hold rally’s while the Department of Homeland Security Police records us, or march. (The last sentence was a tribute to our own V/P, Uncle Joe Biden.)

Or we can do nothing. It’s the safest thing to do; just like the 90% who didn’t participate in the Revolution.

Do nothing and you won’t be bothered. Do nothing and it has to get better. Do nothing and they’ll think I’m on their side and get better treatment when relocation comes. Just ask the Japanese-Americans if that could ever happen.

I pray for sanity to return to our government but I think we earned God’s scorn when we stood by and let just anybody remove Him from our schools and slowly from our public places.

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom