Out of sight

According to 200 years of record keeping, the Susquehanna River floods about every 15 years. Not all floods are severe but they do happen regularly and cost a lot for the home owners in the river basin. My wife and I purchased a home in Jersey Shore in 1967 and five years later, 1972, we found that our home was in the flood when the tropical storm Agnes hit our town. At that time, President Nixon gave a flood grant of $5,000 for provable damage from the flood and also you could get a loan at special interest to help to rebuild.

Now there is a federal flood insurance program, but this is not really insurance because the only persons who buy this coverage are people in the path of the flood. The only way this program would work is to have every homeowner, whether in the flood zone or not, buy a flood policy. The whole idea of insurance is for the many to share the loss of a few.

I hope that Rep. Tom Marino can get this present program, “Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act,” repealed.

Willis R. Bennett

Trout Run

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom