Shame on PCHPG

What would you think of a study of infants that concluded, “heart disease has modest impact on human health?” Or one that described a disease’s impact as “modest” because it is fairly rare, despite the fact that it is devastating to those afflicted by it? Can anything meaningful be learned about a disease from a small study if less than 25 percent of the subjects have it?

Each of the above is analogous to one of the numerous shortcomings of Dr Paul Wendel’s study, “Effect of Shale Gas Drilling on Groundwater Quality in Tioga County.”

While this is hardly the first case of propaganda masquerading as science, Pine Creek Headwaters Protection Group is sponsoring a presentation by several of the authors, despite having all the obvious flaws pointed out to them.

Sadly, far too many people will come away believing the lie that fracking poses little threat to our water. I am deeply disappointed PCHPG has chosen to affiliate itself with this scam.

John Kesich


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom