Thank you, president

Like millions of other Americans, we purchase our own health insurance through a private insurance carrier. We were never happy with the benefits we received for the price we had to pay.

So it came as no surprise when our insurance provider notified us that our current policy would not be renewed because it did not meet the standards of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Instead of complaining, we turned this mandate into an opportunity to find better health insurance at a lower cost.

After doing our homework, we were able to secure a new healthcare policy from the same company that provides us more comprehensive coverage, at a lower monthly premium, with a much lower annual deductible, without any government subsidy. The law known as Obamacare is at last working for us, just as President Obama said it would.

But Obamacare means much more than paying less for better health insurance. We are happy for our elderly parents who now pay less for their prescription medicines. And we are happy for our grandchildren who can stay on their parents’ health plan until they turn twenty-six. And we are especially happy for everyone with pre-existing conditions who will never be denied insurance again.

Most of all, we no longer live in fear of losing our home should either one us suffer a catastrophic illness or injury. The cap on out-of-pocket expenses and the elimination of caps on lifetime benefits means millions like us are protected from medical bankruptcy.

We will never understand why anyone would oppose Obamacare.

Nevertheless, we do understand one fact very clearly. President Obama cares deeply about us, our family, and every American.

Thank you, President Obama, for such a wonderful Christmas present!

Amber and Ed Zygmunt


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom