Thanks, airport employees

I recently came back to my hometown for Thanksgiving to visit with family. Flying from Washington State to Williamsport is not a fun and quick endeavor, but holiday traveling rarely is.

On the third flight of my trip, we were stuck in Dulles for an extended period. This caused me to miss my connecting flight to Williamsport.

The Philadelphia customer service was so deplorable, I ended up driving a rental car up from Philadelphia in the dead of night.

When it was time to leave Williamsport, I arrived an hour and a half early at IPT. The American Airlines Express employee checked for my reservation and found I did not have a ticket.

Apparently, if you miss a connecting flight, they cancel the rest of your tickets!

Thankfully, through the hard work and effort of her and her fellow employees, my tickets were restored and I made my return trip without incident back to Washington State.

These airline employees went above and beyond to help a traveler this holiday season, and should be commended.

Jeremiah J. Doebler

Richland, WA.

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom