The answer

As I was snowed in this weekend, I watched some of the national news shows.

One discussed the issue of gun control.

While I agree that there are way to many guns in the hands of everyone, and feel the NRA is way overboard on the intent of the 2nd Amendment, the solution to the problem is obvious to me and amazingly avoided by the press that is suppose to be so thorough in their coverage of the issues.

What is different about our society today from our society 60 -70 years ago?

It is the loss of a moral anchor that gives direction to society, that puts boundaries on behavior, that keeps us from worshiping ourselves above all else.

Now my rights are the most sacred thing, not the good of others and our communities. (Remember the shopper who, on the day after Thanksgiving, tased another shopper to get what they wanted?)

Until we realize that God is the anchor to keep up together, no amount of legislation will fix the problem.

What he tells us to do is not always popular, but if you look closely, it is usually for the good of his creation that he teaches us as He does.

Good luck looking to Washington to fix the problem. Take your family to church.

Barbara A. Watts-Huebert


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom