The peoples nuclear option

Read the first paragraph of Article 5 of the Constitution again and you’ll be reminded even the Founders did not believe their document was foolproof at stopping government run amuck.

They left an out by allowing two thirds of the States to get together to initiate Amendments to the Constitution if the Federal Government went wrong. I guess they thought when all is souring at the federal level such action may be necessary to get rid of the bureaucrats and politicians.

Do you suppose Congress would go for a Constitutional Amendment imposing terms limits of twelve years per Congressman i.e. 2 terms for a Senator and 6 terms for a Representative(cumulative between House and Senate)?

Or how about any bill that makes it out of Committee and to the Floor must be brought up for a vote?

Or better yet, a balanced budget is required annually and continually approving by resolution prior years base-line budgeting with automatic built-in increases shall be prohibited.

William L. Harris


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom