The real celebration

Christmas is an annual celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a time to include gifts, Christmas music, caroling, and attending a church to thank God for the birth of his son for us mortals. Could it be that we recall gifts bought for the baby Jesus and lay by the manager? Is the giving of gifts how we believe Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ are to be? Yes just as most of us look forward to on our birthdays. A day for our loved ones to say “We are glad you were born!)

However, it seems as if we might be going too far when we wish to purchase the most expensive gifts for this most holy day.

Our egos want to buy only the best for our loved ones. Have we not become like those moneychangers and sellers of doves that angered Jesus Christ. We cannot blame just the retail stores. It seems as we have made it more commercialized, too. I do not know who canned the words, “Christmas has become too commercialized.” However, is this not what we do, even though we often want to blame the retail market?

Because of wanting only the best for our loved ones, we forget how much a gift cost or where to buy something. All of us should stop competing with each other and not fret that whatever we buy is not good enough. Moreover, I do this too.

Why not make dinner or do some chores that our loved ones hate? Is not the spirit of Christmas about giving from the heart not the pocket book? Sometimes the most beautiful gifts are those we have made ourselves, or when relieving our loved ones from a chore they hate.

May everyone have a very Merry Christmas.

To all Atheists, we Christians do not tell you how to live so become human and allow us to enjoy our celebrations, as I am sure you do as well.

Ida Temple

Mansfield Tea Party

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom