The virus

From that wonderful thing called capitalism, giving an individual freedom to compete in the market place of ideas, America became envied around the world, and feared by power hungry men. Power hungry men, who must enslave people, they can’t compete with better ideas they have none. This ideology is called by many names. They changed the name to disguise it.

It seems that the name is the only thing that changes, the idea remains the same. Marxism, Leninism, Socialism, Liberalism, now Progressivisms. They changed the name to make it more palatable to the uninformed, to enslave them with a promise. We in America had the best health care in the world, that my friends is a mute point, the government feels they can “fix it.”

Politicians are great at creating problems, and then getting elected with the promise to fix the problem they created in the first place. They all know one of the biggest cost in health care is the legal costs, don’t believe me look at the ads on the TV, one ad tells you about a drug that was developed that might help you, and the very next ad is instructing you to call their law firm if you have been “injured” in some way you might have money coming, go figure. Why can’t they get tort reform passed, ok it is a trick question the ones that are voting on reform are lawyers!

The insurance companies must retain a stable full of lawyers for litigation. Who do you think pays the bill? Who pays for Obama care, go out and buy new tires for your car today and ask why there is a new 3.2% tax on the bill, a new tax on top of taxes or buy a fishing rod, or some other sports equipment, or sell your house and pay 3.2%. And many other products have the same tax sometimes hidden in the cost.

The cost of the web site was six hundred million dollars, and it will not work. Someone with a sharp pencil just figured out we could hire 500 computer engineers pay them $200 per hour for 40 hour work week, and it would take ten years to spend 600 million. Somebody’s buds got rich out there. Poor Bernie Madoff is sitting in jail wondering why he didn’t go into politics, I think he needs company.

The Republican Party, as well as the Democratic Party has come down with a virus called progressivism. The American people have the pill to cure this dreaded disease, don’t vote for a party, vote for your country get informed, stay informed. Vote for those who love our country and want to put us back on the right track, not with promises (or lies) but with action.

Ron Dudley


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom