It is tragic. All around the world too many people have lost a sincere purpose to live, act, and do or say just about anything. Tragedy is the best way I can describe it but really it’s much worse. People today have this fear or lust that they always need to say or do what they think will get them ahead in this world. Not necessarily what is moral, just what is needed for them to survive or prosper. Our thought processes are constantly brought to new lows because we are constantly made to believe in a pessimistic lifestyle. “We have to look after ourselves”, is what we are told. Well I’m here to tell you that is not completely accurate. This network of deception and mind games solely produces more social problems that this world is already overly full of.

Just as one example: I would venture that about 50 percent of the root cause of inflation is from issues related to the lack of sincerity in the work place today. Think about it. Open your eyes at work and see it right before your eyes if you don’t believe me.

I have seen it first hand in the work place today. People are constantly over promising and under delivering just to get work, they are spending millions on advertising to make there products or service look flawless (when they are not), they are hiring people on the basis they will do better and achieve more than any other employer out there. I mean the list just goes on and on. Without a doubt this has caused a significant change in the prices we pay for goods and services around the globe.

Consumers, employees, the public are often led to believe something that purely benefits the seller, employer, and government. Even spouses and family members lack the basic courtesy of sincerity between one another. It’s all in the name of what we think is best either for ourselves or the other person based on our limited point of view.

Now that is just one area this social dilemma is drastically affecting us. I’m sure someone with more experience in other areas of life can share related testimonies about this issue.

We don’t need to sugar coat or manufacture to get by. Just be real. Just be the person you are created to be. Embrace the gifts and calling you have been given. I can promise you because the word of God has promised you and me alike that He has our backs. He is looking for those who will serve Him in spirit and truth!

Now I’m not a professional writer, or analyst. I’m your average country boy just spouting out my concerns and observations. It is my hope that in doing so, some of you will begin to rethink and make changes to your daily grind. Being the genuine person or living a life of sincerity is not going to make you the most popular person all the time. In fact many times this lifestyle (at face value) will be harder. You will no longer say and do things that you don’t really believe in or agree with just to make yourself look good or in an attempt to control a situation.

So what am I trying to say? Well just be you! Embrace the trails that will come from genuinely being you. Be thankful for all that you are and wait patiently, pray continually and seek the will of God for your life. Don’t settle for living a life any other way. That is when people start to compromise integrity for deception to get what they want right now, based on lust and greed. Don’t allow this tragedy to happen to you or those you love. Encourage those around you to take a stand, and live life sincerely. This will make a huge difference in the life you live towards your eventual prosperity.

Today take that extra minute to push through the temptation to give in to easy living. Thank someone you know who is practicing a life of sincerity. It’s not easy, and encouragement is always appreciated!

Derek Krause


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom