True or false

More letters about racism and President Obama. The latest one is telling the left to “Grow Up”. It would be so easy to say that it is the right and the Tea party who are in a need to ‘grow up’ but that will not get us anywhere.

Let me start by pointing out that the writer of “Grow Up” states that there is people who are racist towards the President but that it is a minority not a majority. I also like how the writer implies that all of the right and the Tea party who writes in to the Editor are in complete agreement when it comes to President Obama and ACA.

He asked the following questions which I will respond to. ‘Can anyone please explain to me how disagreement with President Obama’s policies constitutes racism?’ ‘Do you really believe that disagreeing with President Obama’s policies constitutes racism?’ Seeing how the writer admits that people who are racially motivated towards President Obama the answer is yes for some. When that disagreement from them gets repeated it still carries the racism with it. It doesn’t stop just because you are not a racist yourself. But truthfully that doesn’t really answer the question.

The answer is one can disagree with the policies of President Obama without being a racist. The real question is can one disagree about policy from President Obama without bringing his race into it? That would apply to both the left and the right.

‘Are the Philadelphia voting precincts where not one vote was cast for Romney indicative of racism, or did the folks not like his policies?’ I have a question for the writer, how are you not playing the race card yourself? It implies that only a certain race will for vote for one or the other.

You are asking us to look at the demographics of that precinct. That would also include not only race but party affiliation, economic level, gender, age, education level and more. Don’t forget that both political parties like to gerrymander voting blocks to give them more control.

“Is Eric Holder a racist for espousing a policy of not prosecuting civil rights cases where the victims are Caucasian?” From what I have read the right wing in America thinks so but it would help if you would cite specific cases where a Caucasian’s civil rights have been violated and went unprosecuted.

But let’s be honest the last two questions from the writer are false equivalence arguments. They have nothing to do with how people disagree with President Obama or his policies or the accusations of racism towards him.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom