A recent letter addresses the trust the public has or more likely does not have in media. Trust is define as truth, reliable, ability, the strength of someone or something.

If media outlets can not be trusted then they would not exist at all in any form. People in the public will disagree with the views and opinions of media outlets but trust is not the reason they formulate distrust of media. It is the information that is dispensed through media outlets that the public doesn’t trust.

With the power of technology everyone has access to information on many levels. We have in essence information overload. Information comes at us from all avenues not only for the public but also for those reporting the news.

Every person has their own view, their own experiences, their own opinions. No one person is going to see information the same as the next person sees it. No information is pure every person who takes it in taints it with their viewing of it.

In my opinion it is not media outlets that people do not trust it is the information that is dispense through them that they do not trust. They don’t believe in the information and search for information that they do believe. People will always say they want impartial reporting yet they themselves are not impartial when looking for information. Information is what you make of it, all you are doing is blaming the messenger of the information.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom