Typical government

The planning commission decides not to nix reassessment. Typical government, do it so we can appeal it and do it again. Work with the budget you have , Like all families have to. People cannot go to their employer and reassess their job and get handed a big raise because the price of groceries went up. Cut some of these wasteful bull programs that no one uses. The counties 2013 expenses were very close to million, with over 810,000$ for the ridiculous visitors bureau.

Even if the flood insurance Biggert Waters law gets delayed for years, how many people will buy or how many banks will lend money for our properties. Even the hint of these new regulations has made our properties a pariah. I am having my properties assessed at 0$. I would like them to try to make me pay taxes on a pariah they created. I would like them to try to make me pay taxes on properties we now cannot sell or borrow against

Mim Logue


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom