We’re on our own

I have to add this because how do you get help when needed. We have a skunk living in the area along with 3 to 5 cats that are wild and one neighbor feeds these pest. We’re in a small trailer court with kids. Now myself and another neighbor called 911 and the game commission and were more or less told to hire somebody or what not. My friend called and was told you cant shoot skunks or do anything because its illegal as hurting birds. I mean what the hell do birds have to do with skunks and what not. She even mentioned her three year old and being frightened and yet we were blown off.

Now if there was a dog loose without a license look out but a real problem we get the run around. I just thought I would let the Old Lycoming area know that we’re on our own for critters that need to be handled and good luck to all with any problems!

Michael P. McLaughlin


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom