Wrong on drugs

After reading the article “Judges: Heroin has our attention.” I, once again, am amazed at the mayor’s lack of understanding. He says that he wants to ‘chop off the head’ of drug abuse in this county, or at least in his jurisdiction eh?

Well, the aggressive stance the mayor has on the issue is one that, instead of cutting off the supply, and thusly, according to his theory, stamp out the problem. I hope, sincerely, that he wasn’t serious, because the method he espouses hasn’t, won’t, can’t and has never worked in the history of your struggle. The way to beat drugs is through education and the serving up of reality to these people who are starting or in the middle of a drug abuse cycle. What will work is to let people, kids and adults, know what a life of drug addiction winds up being like. Do this and they won’t use especially if they are told the horrible stories that people have regarding this issue.

You can fight ’em in the streets with cruisers or fight them in streets of the mind where it matters more. The way to get rid of this issue or at least control it is through such “scared straight” educational opportunities or through early intervention and maintenance, rehab or other options.

Sending people to jail only encourages recidivism by making it hard or impossible to find work, leading them back to the streets selling drugs to survive and then back to jail.

This cycle is created by police and the judges. They have never been effective at curing drug addiction. That’s why I hope he was joking because that type of thinking was revealed as wrong-headed, outdated and at worst, creating more of the problem than it solves.

This is bad. It’s akin to throwing gasoline on a fire when you simply send them through a prison system which has been broken for decades.

Now it’s only about giving jobs to people in the prison system. Then it becomes a job security issue which encourages more inmates. No offense, but I’d like to put all those people out of work and have a peaceful society….to some degree.

Scott Brink

Trout Run

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom