A band aid

I cannot keep quiet about the situation of crime in the City of Williamsport anymore. The city is playing a losing game when it come to stopping crime in the city. The laws of the Commonwealth and Congress, even the dictates of this president, place restraints on our officers and give the criminals a free pass.

The tax law will put you in jail, take your property and take all your money. Unless you are someone in our government. These people live by another standard. They are not held to the same standards as we are. The same goes for the well-to- do business people. They are given a pass.

The court system does not provide any real punishment for the criminals. They will tell you different, but they have no idea what they are saying. Their college education and inability to relate to the common people make them believe they are better than us. State prisons give the convicted felons, money for doing nothing, allow them to have televisions, radios. These felons are fed three meals a day, allowed to get their GEDs, medical attention, dental care, free prescriptions, free clothes and free laundry service. They get their cells cleaned weekly, free, pay basketball in their yards. Prison is not any real deterrent.

In many cases, the drug dealers who have many houses, more money than most common people, agree to a plea deal. They are allowed to keep their money, houses and cars in exchange for five years in prison. They just have to turn over some information, which is not what they agreed to. Why? It costs too much to prosecute the drug dealers and the lawyers find laws that allow the criminal to have evidence deemed inadmissible. Why? The officer is human. The court expects the police to be perfect.

The legal system is broken and needs replaced with many changes based on common sense.

Gun violence is becoming more and more common. The criminals are always going to get guns. They steal them, or buy stolen guns. The political answer is gun control. The common sense answer is make the punishment fit the crime. Stop rewarding these criminals. They kill people and they should be held accountable.

The police do a fantastic job. The average person has no idea what they do. The courts and government must help them, instead of fighting them.

Stephen Hertel


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom