Coaching life

After reading all of the letters to the editor that are just people using their negativity to prove their point, I would like to attempt something with a peaceful and positive voice.

I learned via the Sun-Gazette of a man who had recently passed away from Williamsport, his name is Ray Perchinski. I have never met Ray but I can tell you the response over the past few days should indicate to his loved ones know that he was a man who made an impact. I have never met Ray and he has already made an impact on my life. Ray seemed to have been a man that a school district or any organization would have been lucky to have. St. John Neumann will certainly miss his hard work, dedication to the children, and his integrity.

I feel as coaches, we all become caught up in success and numbers rather than developing productive members of society. My point to this letter is to notify any person that is responsible for coaching our youth at any level to remind yourselves constantly, “We should be a little more like Ray.” If you already base your coaching philosophy around “The Ray style” then you should make an impact such as this man has. If you don’t base your coaching around these principles, maybe should be a little more like him. To his family, friends, and loved ones, I am sure you are in pain and miss Ray, you should feel privileged that you have had the opportunity to learn from him.

Ted Deljanovan


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom