Economic inequality

A recent letter presented a quote from economist Milton Friedman. Mr. Friedman is speaking in economic terms and not philosophical terms. In economic terms, especially with a free market and capitalistic system, you are going to have an inequality of income. It also means freedom in an economic system like ours is even more important than wealth and the accumulation of it.

Economic inequality doesn’t extend to other freedoms and rights in our nation. It doesn’t let you discriminate, to segregate to deny, to block, to hoard, to over charge, to corrupt, to take all. It also doesn’t mean that you are a set apart from the rest of the country. You are not above the law nor are you the law and you are not even God’s right hand. It doesn’t mean you cannot be regulated to protect resources, people, and the environment. More wealth doesn’t mean you get to have more rights or freedoms than everyone else. Your wealth gives you more purchase power. For some it gives them a sense of more influence and power until they are caught abusing it.. It doesn’t mean everyone else is inferior and undeserving that they have no rights or freedoms or of less importance.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom