Flood insurance

Please read and understand fully what everyone is saying about flood insurance rates. This will not only affect the people in the flood plain, it will ultimately affect every tax paying citizen of “our” United States. Mass foreclosures will cause the tax base in our communities and counties to erode.

There will be a ripple effect from that point that will make people who do not live in a flood plain wish that they were more proactive. Please join my group on Facebook “Against The Biggert Flood Insurance Reform Act” and/or other groups out there so you can be well informed about what is taking place. The government is doing nothing short of ceasing assets of honest hard working people at no fault of their own!

My personal story: My premium went from $592 annually to $9,096 annually on my $60,000 home, and my deadline to pay this astronomical amount in “full” was by the last day of 2013! It didn’t happen and will “NEVER” happen!

Jeff Waltman


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom