Focus on hotspots

After reading about the robbery that took place in the Pizza Hut on E. Third Street, as well as the other two armed robberies that happened within that week, I started getting concerned, yet interested in the crime that is happening in my hometown. put out statistics, based on specific algorithms, which calculated the crime index value in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and the United States. The higher the crime index meant more crimes occur in that area. Pennsylvania’s crime index is 1,415.60, the United States’ is 1,776.27, and Williamsport’s is by far the highest with 2,012.91.

This was upsetting to me because clearly Williamsport’s crime rate is higher than the national average, so having three robberies around the same town within one week, unfortunately, isn’t as alarming as it should be. Diving deeper into specific areas of Williamsport, Neighborhood Scout states that there are 142 crimes per square mile in Williamsport, specifically on E Third Street, while the national median is 39 crimes per square mile. Places with highly concentrated amounts of crime are called hotspots and judging by the statistics I’ve read, it seems that where this Pizza Hut robbery took place is in a hotspot in the Williamsport area.

If we focused on the hotspots by putting more police there, we would be able to deter crime. If we put more lighting up in these areas we would again prevent some of the crime that goes on there.

Maria Bresticker


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom