For term limits

“We the people…”

Have our congressional leaders forgotten what the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States says?

Our leaders should be representing Americans. It is time for representatives and senators be limited to two terms in office.

Kay Tyberg


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom

For term limits

In answer to a letter last Saturday which stated, “the only thing term limits will do is restrict a voting populace ability to choose who they are allowed to represent their interests, I fail to see how voting becomes a restriction on choices?

They writer stated, vote them out. However, he didn’t say how difficult that can be after an incumbent has been in office a long time. He now has power, support, and lots of money to help keep him there. The voting field is very much tilted in his favor.

What can be done to even the field? The writers says no to term limits that prevent professional politicians. I say, let them leave for a term. They can always run again. Maybe the people will actually pay attention and get out to vote. Term limits might overcome voter complacency. Just a thought

Robert DeVaul Sr.

North Bend

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom