For the records

Recently, County Commissioner Jeff Wheeland, accompanied by a Sun-Gazette reporter/photographer, visited the Lycoming County Historical Society’s Thomas T. Taber Museum to investigate the whereabouts of certain county records.

Contrary to claims made in the Sun-Gazette, these records were never “missing” and never “misplaced.” Since the 1970s, the Lycoming County Historical Society has been the archival facility for a large number of county records. In fact, a listing of all such records held in our custodial care was attached to a legal agreement and signed by the county commissioners in 2002.

In part, these bound volumes were transferred to us by county officials at that time because the original documents had been microfilmed. As these officials selected items to be microfilmed, some materials were considered of minor importance and subsequently discarded.

Thankfully, many of these items were retrieved and transferred to the LCHS. Clearly, our current commissioners are wise to digitize county records.

Research in the Historical Society’s collections is always just an appointment away! We encourage everyone–whether professional, amateur or simply curious–to help unravel the mysteries of the past utilizing the vast resources available at the Lycoming County Historical Society.

Individuals and organizations realize that we are the best place to house materials relating to our county’s history. Our archives are kept in acid-free enclosures in a fireproof facility controlled for temperature and humidity and cataloged using museum software.

We hope that you will consider donating personal materials relating to the local history we all share. We welcome your inquiries and invite you to visit us soon!

John B. Raymond

President, Board of Governors

Lycoming County Historical Society


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom