Heroin rehab

I am a little confused that the welfare office is paying for recipients to go to rehabilitation for heroin for a 28 day period or so. The last time I checked heroin is extremely addictive and expensive. The amount of money that individuals are spending on this “life changing” drug are astronomical. How do those receiving help from the system afford to spend countless dollars on drugs like this?

I understand people need help once and a while and I believe the welfare system is set up to help those in need for a short period of time to get their life together. I do not understand how tax dollars are paying for these people to go to rehabs for 28 days. First and foremost, 28 days is not enough time to rehabilitate one from a serious heroin addiction without a great chance of relapse, but this is what the system is paying for. I think a 90 day program would be more sufficient in the goal to attempt to fully sober these individuals.

I also don’t understand how they are able to collect benefits from the system after falling into a drug addiction like so. My opinion is to suspend funds/food stamps/medical insurance until they are able to prove they have “cleaned up” by taking random drug tests that students and working families have to take in order to work at companies safely and remain in our college of choices. Food stamps, for example, are to help working families through a rough patch, to help put food on the table, but if their priority is to spend money on heroin instead of feeding their children, they should be disqualified. I wish all well who are dealing with a drug dilemma, but truly think Williamsport is not going to “clean up” if we continue to cater by using such short therapy.

Kim Reynolds


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom