Impressed with CAC

I just enjoyed the Blue Man Group show with my family at the Community Arts Center last evening.

This is actually the second time we have seen the show, the first time being at a theater in Boston.

I am so impressed that we can have the same entertainment here locally that they have in the large metropolitan areas!

I know when I initially started attending CAC shows that it was hit or miss (sorry!!), but I have been so impressed in the last few years with the quality of the bookings.

And if you think you need to wear pearls and high heels or a suit to attend a show, that’s not the case! Just bring your curiosity and desire to do something different … you may not always connect with the entertainment (the Blue Man Group is totally different from something such as the upcoming Tony Bennett show), but it’s always a joy to share time with family and friends anyway!

Congrats to all who had a hand in the development of the CAC and those sponsors and volunteers who continue to support it!

Amy Gardner


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom