Legalize drugs

I first expressed my view that we should legalize drugs in a letter in December 2009. At the risk of alienating almost everyone, I am writing this letter to restate my view on “The War on Drugs”: For 2 reasons we should legalize:

The “War on Drugs” is a failure which result is the U.S. imprisonment of more of it’s citizens than any country in the World, which result is the lifetime label “felon”, which result, ala background checks, is gone any hope of ever being allowed, once mature, the opportunity of becoming a productive citizen. The result is that the felon, once punished, of necessity, must remain either, a ward of the state, or a criminal?

The abuse of “legal” drugs from the dispensary of pharmaceuticals is no less a societal problem. But the dispensary of legal drugs is a problem over which we have some control. We have no control over the burgeoning use of illegal drugs. A partial solution is to legalize those drugs much as we did with alcohol when we ended prohibition. Doing so would take the profit, and the carnage, off the “street”.

Jude Richardson

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom