Let’s change Bible

Did God create only males and females? No. Were there only males or females put on the ark? No. If you truly believe God created a male and a female of all species of life, then you know there was a reason. If I have to explain to make you understand, then you are already off track on life.

If gays keep getting more rights, it won’t be too long that the Bible will have to be rewritten to change our new lifestyle we will have, maybe we should throw the Bible in the trash and rewrite a new Bible that will cover our new lifestyle we are moving into, a new way of life that seems to be coming thanks to a few of our brain dead government people that we voted for that didn’t let us know how they felt on the gay life until they got in office, because they felt they could lose. And yes, gays are getting their own churches, also some churches are changing in favor of the gay lifestyle that was against it. Is it possible the Bible is polysemy? That might be the answer.

Take the man on the TV show, Duck Dynasty. He said what he thought, now they want to crucify him, but it’s okay to exploit homosexuality on TV as a normal way of life, I think we have a lot of sick people that need help. But don’t expect the government to do anything, they need the votes so they can have a plush job.

I’m sure some won’t like what I said but I think I still have freedom of speech and I will never change my mind; marriage was, and should always bee between a man and a woman.

Glen B. Campbell