Life extinguished

I am writing with a heavy heart over a man I never met, the latest to fall victim to unfortunately being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the high-speed chase in Williamsport that resulted in the death of an innocent man, and a fire that never should have happened.

People can try to reason it, say he pulled out too soon, wasn’t watching, or any number of things. All I know is these high-speed chases are all too often. Speeding through red lights, making ordinary people make quick decisions on how to get out of the way, is wrong.

The public should feel safe. I have seen this again and again, and nothing excuses it. All the remorse and apologies and reasoning still doesn’t bring the poor victims back to their loved ones. The end does not justify the means. I understand crime has to be dealt with. There are cameras all over this city, everywhere we look, and helicopters, as well as so much other information via police radio as well as even the internet/social media as a way to discover someone’s whereabouts.

It’s time to stop the tragedy of these high speed chases who jeopardize everyone in their path. This is irresponsible and immoral to keep allowing these methods to be deployed. Changes must be made, and made immediately.

Kathy Jaser


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom