Missing piece

I would like to comment in regards to the front page story pertaining to the “NuWeld Visionary”. A very important bit of information was omitted from the article, hopefully by accident. NuWeld Inc. has been a union shop for many years, and we, the union employees of the shop, are proud of the fact that we are able to help our employer succeed where others have failed in the past.

We are proud to work and abide by union standards set forth by our employer and, our local union and our Helpers and Metal Tradesmen! The work that is taken on by NuWeld is very exacting and controlled by the contractor, and cannot be reliably performed by just any welder off the street. The gas industry is gradually realizing that NuWeld is the contractor to hire to perform their quality gas piping fabrications and field installations, and that is due to their marriage to this union, the best of the best!

Gene T. Jasper


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom