My Aye Dee

I went to the local UPS store to ship a piece of clothing to a friend in Texas; and to my surprise I had to show identification to send a shirt to Texas. Really? I had to show I.D. to mail a shirt!

And now, enter politics. According to some of the good people in Washington, D.C, to vote for the leader of the free world who controls the mightiest military and economy in the world, you don’t need identification. To suggest that you would need identification to vote for such a person, that’s racist!! But isn’t it racist to suggest that only one segment of the populace would suffer from having to show I.D. to vote? Who’s the racist now? I’m sure that there are other races that are against showing I.D. to vote.

To put having I.D. in context, it was reported that one party alone spent upwards of $1 billion to win the presidency. So if it’s that important to lead America isn’t it the duty of the Attorney General to enforce the 19th Amendment that states, “The right of the Citizens of the United States shall not be denied or abridged.” The key word there is “citizens” and to vote, you should have proof that you are that citizen.

As always, here is my solution: Set up voter registration at the polling places. If they can get there to vote, they can get there to register. Provide free transportation and free assistance to anyone who needs it to retrieve any and all proof of citizenship. If child care is needed, child care professionals could take the kids to McDonald’s or another safe day care facility. From January until Sept. 1, these services will be available to all who require it. The state will provide funding from the general fund but, “since there is no voter fraud, there will not to be any expenditures, right? It’s so simple and fair that some politicians will really hate it.

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom