Policy hurts city

I have asked the Williamsport Water Authority to collect their own water bills. Tenants, through an archaic law, are freeloading on Williamsport landlords. If the tenant lets the water bill get out of hand, they just move, leaving the landlord holding a giant bill, interest and penalties. In many cases’ they just leave and force the landlord to pay the final bill out of his security deposit which is rarely enough to cover our loss of rent and damage to our properties.

Our security deposits are not meant to be the water authority’s book keeper.

Hundreds of evictions in Williamsport last year, conservatively costing landlords thousands of dollars. These bills could be six months of usage. That is a half a million dollars landlords lost that could have been put back into our buildings. Lost to freeloaders.

When landlords lose a half a million, the mayor and the city also lost a half a million in improvements. When landlords lose money to freeloaders through these water bills, Mayor Campana and the city also suffer a large loss!

This archaic policy can be fixed. The water should not be given to these freeloaders at their next location until they pay their previous usage as they do with all other utilities. It is a simple fix. Please call the mayor and don’t let him convince you this cannot work. It can! Have him appoint me to the Williamsport Water Authority board!

Mim Logue

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom