Power denied

We retired senior citizens as a group, have no organized trade, so we are being denied the power that comes with being unionized. We are being discriminated against by the power of our federal government, which provides mere pennies a day for the Cost of Living Allowance the retired elderly of this country receive, while the middle class and wealthy receive thousands of dollars in their yearly raises.

This is exactly what is causing prices to increase year after year, because businesses and those in the position of controlling the money and the economy of our country, view this situation as an opportunity to once again exercise their gluttonous habit of the past, by reaping an equal share of these exuberant raises. We retired seniors every year receive much less of a cost of living allowance (COLA) than the working class does, but when prices rise, we retirees don’t pay less, we are being victimized by COLA, which is administered unfairly to the seniors of this country.

How are we expected to survive as long as taxes keep rising at the local level, while pay increases are being discriminately awarded to certain social classes, who are favored or protected by the power of unionism? We retired seniors have outlived out usefulness to society, but we payed our dues during our working years. It’s about time we are recognized and receive more respect than is being furnished to us, during our retirement years. Our government incompletely administers laws and controversies of our times, but they are not always right. This COLA subject tin question, is the most corrupt and sinister piece of legislation ever adopted or used by our country.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.