Snowplow damage

Regarding a story on snowplow damage, starting on section B page 1 of January 5th edition; it was stated that property owners are to keep mailboxes off of state/township right-of-ways.

My experience in this regard is the USPS mail carrier (subcontractor) told me and gave me a preprinted USPS card, after I moved my mailbox back from the road due to being annihilated by a township snowplow truck. Quote: “If your mailbox is not installed within the guidelines established by the USPS your mail will not be delivered to your address, you will need to pick up your mail from the Muncy post office.”

As I live about 2.5 miles from the Turbotville post office and 12 miles from the Muncy post office I find this assinine. First, it was not any harder to deliver mail to my mailbox after I moved it and second, why do I have to go to Muncy to get my mail?

I was told if I wanted my mail to come out of Turbotville and have a Turbotville address instead of a Muncy address , I had to install my mailbox at the end of the township road(about 1/3 mile away) not in front of my house. So in regards to damage and having mailboxes too close to roads, better check with USPS regulations first.

Mark Nicholas


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom