Stop the injustice

Having just returned from a volunteer service trip to an economically depressed country, please forgive me for doing something many think is the responsibility of some government agency, I found in my mail a mailer telling me “local tax forms will no longer be mailed.” Forms would be available on the internet or at a site for pickup.

How can we disenfranchise those taxpayers who may not have access to the internet to obtain forms or who may not be able to get to a site where forms are available for distribution?

We need to stop this immoral assault on our right to pay taxes! It is not fair to deprive those without internet access nor those who can’t get transportation to a site where forms are available the opportunity to file a tax return. There has never been any evidence that anyone has been denied the right to pay their tax under the previous system. Why the need to change?

Contact your state Representative about this outrage!

J.A. Potter


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom