Super heroes

I use to be a huge fan of super hero movies. I mean I never like collected figurines the north side of 5 years old, but I loved watching the movies. I use to think about how amazing the super heroes were, and if I could just be like one. Who didn’t at some point or another, right?

I think everyone had his or her favorite one. Today, through the amazing cinematography and brilliant minds of the entertainment industry, these super heroes come to life even more so for the audience. I remember watching The Matrix and thinking how cool it would be to run on walls and warp time, all the fun stuff.

Now as I watch these movies I have a different understanding or perhaps better put, a truthful perspective on the idea of a super hero. These men and women, or things that entertainment made into super heroes, were brought to life by someone’s desire for something better, created in the imagination of a very artistically gifted individual. Although they seem like a great escape for about 2.5 hours, when the credits start to roll, reality quickly sets back in.

What the movies depict as a super hero are people that have extraordinary powers. Most of the time it seems as though what ever it is that makes this super hero great is unattainable to us ordinary folk.

We as humans are super heroes in our Creator’s hands. We are made in the image of God, given all sorts of power over this earth and the creatures in it. Our capabilities are limited merely by our driving will to push the envelope further, and our Father’s will for our lives. In His hands, and being led by the Holy Spirit, I ask you; What or Who can stop us?

Sure, some will violently protest these words. I write for those of you who need that push today, people who are just looking for some light in this dark world. I only hope that you retain something that is much bigger than me from these words, and turn around and give it away.

Derek Krause


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom