Thanks to our military

I had the privilege to watch the movie Lone Survivor. See it if you have not.

All I can say is that if our military men and women go through what these Seals did just so a sorry butt like mine can have the freedoms I have, you are all my heroes!

Thank you for your service past and present! Thanks for keeping our country safe from these terrible people who want all Americans dead.

President Obama should be made to see this movie and then maybe he will think twice about cutting the benefits of our Vets and cutting spending for our current Armed Forces.

We have the most powerful military in the world Mr. President!

Let’s keep it that way!

For anyone reading this who has served, thank you! For anyone who is serving, thank you! For anyone who has a son, daughter, friend or relative serving, please thank them the first chance you get because they deserve it and need to hear it! Freedom isn’t free, but thanks to our military we have more freedoms than anyone else in the world! U.S.A.!

Rick Wurster


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom