The Christie situation

Well, it didn’t take long for the topic of “Bridgegate” to reach the letters column. If Christie is lying, he’s done. If not, he has a good shot at the White House. If he had anything to do with seeking revenge on a political enemy by creating a traffic jam he deserves to lose the presidency on stupidity alone. You’re supposed to pull these kinds of stunts after you get in, not before.

The perpetrator of Bridgegate has been fired, while the perpetrator of IRSgate was promoted. I’d like to believe Gov. Christie when he says that he had no prior knowledge, but if it turns out that he knew and was in on it, oh well.

Time for the Republicans to look elsewhere. Even with the spectre of guilt, Christie continues to maintain a 53 percent favorability rate. That’s higher than the president’s. If he is found to be covering up the truth, at least the Republicans will have a ready-made slogan for their 2016 challenge against Mrs. Benghazigate. To wit, “Nobody died when Christie lied.” After all, “What difference does it make?”

Ken Robertson